Week 8

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About Me

Interests. Approach. Gratitude. Work.


Coming from an Humanities background, I am interested in using technology to influence behaviours in individuals. Influenced by Reap Benefit I believe a mix of experiences and solutions combined with feedback of their actions/interventions will result in influenced behaviours. The next step in this is to scale up the experience rapidly, so that the individual is not a social deviant in his local settings, but part of a larger group which is seen as aspirational to the rest of the society.
Summarising where I am currently in terms of skills and direction of learning:

  • I'm able to learn the basics of electronics and create basic circuits. I am focussing on learning PCB design.
  • I can do coding to an intermediate level. I would want to build on this further.


I work with Reap Benefit, where we are trying to democratise local enviro-civic problemsolving among the youth. Instead of generating new problems and challenges, the belief is that this population of 650 million can resolve simple issueslocally, reducing the burden on the governance and developing the citizenry of this nation.

Approach to the development of anything

Mindset I will be adopting to keep my development cycle simple:

  • Learn (copy). Develop. Facilitate (teach).
  • Frugal. Reliable. Aesthetic. Incremental.
  • Rapid Prototype. Test long. Finalise.

Grateful to

These are some of the people I want to thank: