Final Project - development log

tracking the development, issues and fixes


  • Jan 30, 2017

    I spoke to the campus Facilities Management about the usage of water on campus. Many thanks to the team - Urvi, Ajay, Ashish and Dhruvesh. The campus gets its water from 2 borewells, and the Facility of Management gets its water from Ahmedabad Educational Society. The university uses a pressure pump system to keep supplying water throughout the campus. Since there is no estimate of how much water is passing through the system currently, this project will be of use to them.
  • Jan 31, 2017

    : The IT Department at the University agreed to allow through its firewall my IOT devices.
    A very quick prototype has been tested,

    and its data can been seen here
  • Feedback from OHAD

    Modularise and deploy solution in parts. Even one component is a final project by itself.

Feb 07, 2017

Have been working on the cad file for the final design of the casing for the tank level monitor found here. I created a super simple tutorial, linked here.
Version 1: IOT Data collector+Base Case 3D printed
The next challenge was to build a non PCB version with an enclosure.

Feb 13, 2017

This week has been about Computer Aided Cutting. For the final project, this week helped create modular boxes/enclosures for the final project. It also helped understand the concept of how I can design with parametric design, varying the case, based on certain variables, but keeping the core constant.
Version 2: IOT Data collector+Laser Cut Box+ VOltage regulation IC running for the last 3 days, collecting data every second.

From Input Devices week

Data on Serial Monitor from Flow Sensor

From Output Devices week

Demo of the LCD showing the Flow Sensor Readings

Data on LCD from Flow Sensor

Data on LCD from Flow Sensor
Relay to control pumpr or valves

From Networking week

PinToo board v3 uploading data via mqtt from Gautam Prakash on Vimeo.

Seeing data from Pintoo sent on WiFi via a Raspberry Pi MQTT server on the laptop using the MQTT Lens app

Week 15: Networking: Backend testing of MQTT from Gautam Prakash on Vimeo.

PinToo board v3 uploading data via mqtt from Gautam Prakash on Vimeo.

From 3D printing week

some 3d printed cases for sensor nodes

From Computer Aided Design week

This 3D design evolved into acryllic laser cut boxes

From Interface week

Interface built for the data collected by the sensors