Final Project - approach

approach to development and development cycles covered here


This page tracks the development cycle and talks about the choices made with reasons for these choices.

Section Task Status Description
Approach Networking Done Wifi was prefferred over GPRS based on factors like
-- running cost (GPRS needs about Rs 2000 per annum)
-- capital cost (GPRS module is Rs 500 vs a Wifi Module at Rs 250)
-- ease of programming
Approach Data Transmission protocol Done MQTT was prefferred over HTTP-GET based on factors like
-- packet size ~90% lesser for the day
-- Quality Of Service option which ensured similar messages (Ex: Tank empty message after a Tank empty message) is not sent
-- Security option built in to ensure prevention of misuse of the devices
Input Tank Capacity Done A distance sensor pings the water level inside the tank and calculates volme of water inside tank in litres
Input Flow of Water Done A flow sensor measures every 2 seconds the usage of water in the house and posts it online
Output Controlling the pump Done The unit measuring the distance to water has a relay connected to it which turns on and turns off the pump as needed to ensure sufficient water at home


  • Thingspeak on private server - a HTTP REST client to store sensor data in a database and uses .json file format to send data
  • Extracting json data to enable the central processor
  • MQTT protocol - a secure protocol of transmitting highly optimised packets of sensor data. It allows one to also address particular nodes. This ability is useful in controlling valves to optimise water use
Inputs - colour green indicates done
  • Water Inlet Sensor - done
  • Tank Level Monitor - done
  • Valve control and Motor Control - done


BOM in the DIY Kit
BOM in the Fab Kit