Weekly progress towards the final goal

Gautam PrakashGautam
Embedded Programming

  • Week's objective with links to the assignment pag:
    • Identify relevant information in a microcontroller data sheet.
    • Implement programming protocols.
  • Status: WIP
  • Tutorials created:
    Reading a datasheet
  • Files created linked:
  • Questions to be answered:
    Documented what you learned from reading a microcontroller datasheet. - Done
    What questions do you have? What would you like to learn more about?
    Programmed your board
    Described the programming process/es you used
    Include your code
  • Notes from Reviews: Pending
  • How it feeds into the final project:
    Forced me to understand the underlying components I'm using
    Understood how to use deploy local instances of Thingspeak and Mosquiotto MQTT broker on DigitalOcean Servers