Assignment - Week 10

Output Devices - Add an output device to a microcontroller board you've designed and program it to do something

Gautam PrakashGautam
Hero Image: LED Array Charlieplexed

  • Week's objective:
    • Demonstrate work-flows used in circuit board design and fabrication
    • Implement and interpret programming protocols
    • Outlined problems and how you fixed them
  • Status: Done
  • Tool Review: None
  • Tutorials created: None
  • Files created linked: Taken from the Schedule page of Fabacademy
  • Notes from Reviews: pending
  • How it feeds into the final project None


I used the design files from the Week's schedule. To keep it simple, I downloaded the *.png files and milled them in the Modela using FabModules. Then I soldered the LEDs. For ISP, I used an Arduino Uno and the Arduino IDE. This meant that

  1. Program the Arduino Uno as an ISP using the ArduinoISP.ino file in the Examples. This will allow you to connect your milled board to it and program it from the Arduino IDE

  2. Note to make these changes in the ArduinoISP.ino - uncomment the code to allow us to use the Digital Pins (10-13) to program the milled board

  3. Then copy the code provided in the archives into an empty arduino.ino file and upload it into your ATTINY board. the settings for this will be as shown in the below image

    Port number will be that of the Arduino Uno.
I now have the freedom to experiment with the code. Keeping it in C, these are the changes I have made:
  1. Time (Delay) from
    #define led_delay() _delay_ms(1) to #define led_delay() _delay_ms(10)

    This is the outcome - click to see it work "