Week 19


Final Project

What is the deadline? How much time do I have left?

19th June is the deadline for completion of Final Project. I have few days in hand but I have prepared a Schedule which I have been following to finish the project on time

What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

The Electronics has been worked out, I started with 1 servo movement and then added all the required servos one by one. So, board design, milling, soldering and programming is done.

 I have made modules ready for 1 out of my 4 digits. So, Laser-cutting and production of the other 4 digits is remaining. And assembling them together will be next step.

How will I complete the remaining tasks in time?

I am working according to the Schedule that I had prepared in previous week's Assignment. So, trying to stick to it on daily basis.

What has worked?

The 328P board is working finally after many iterations. The module has also turned out well.

The Laser Cut assembly is working perfectly.

What has not worked?

I have to still work on organizing the wires because I have too many of them.

Also all the Laser cut components are working fine and steady

What questions still need to be resolved?

I am still figuring out the correct way of feeding the time directly. Currently I am providing number manually while programming. So, I am confused between using GPS or RTC module for time keeping.

What have you learned?

Coming for programming background, I wanted to learn digital fabrication and CAD/CAM softwares to be able to design and prototype. I have explored various softwares during the course for the same.

I have also gained more advanced knowledge of electronics, for example controlling multiple servos.

I also learned how to design, mill and solder my own customized boards.

Major learning has been integration of Digital fabrication and electronics.

Overall I learned how to make almost anything by myself.

The whole process and detailed documentation of the making of my Final Project can be found here.