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Applications and Implications:


Final project

My final project is a Mechanical 7 Segment Display - With Mirrors mounted over it to Reflect light in Dark Setups.


What will it do ?

Replicating a seven-segment display, the mirrors are arranged with servo motors under each and every one of them. With every change in he minute to the hour count, the servo motors help these mirrors to lift up and make up a number which makes the whole project act like a digital clock.


Who's done what beforehand?

There have been different types of data visualization installations before and the closest to this project can be seen in the link below:



The interactive data visualization installation has been done before, using the servo motor with the mirror and this project takes it a bit further with the use of such an installation and combining it with art as initially the whole idea of the project was to show a reflection of the time through these mirrors. I have tried to do that using compact laser cut bases for every servo motor, keeping it more minimal.



What materials and components will be required?

3mm Mdf sheet for modules,

12mm Mdf sheet for base box

28servo motors

Satshakit Board(328p)

RTC Clock Module

I2C Driver PCA9685


Where will they come from?

Mdf, Servo Motors, PLA will be bought from market and online stores.

Satshakit board is almost ready but this one is not working yet.

The modules will be laser cut.

The box for the base will be made using CNC.

The mirrors will be laser cut out of Polycarbonate Material with mirror like Reflections.


How Much Will They Cost ?


The Bill of Materials can be found Here


What parts and systems will be made?

The servo motor holders are to be laser cut along with the mirrors which are to be arranged in a seven segment display manner. The size of the base is yet to be decided along with the placement of the servo motors. The controller board with AtMega 328P will be milled and soldered.

What processes will be used?

Laser Cutting


3D Printing Cases.

PCB milling and Soldering

Embedded Programming


What tasks need to be completed?

The design is ready along with the primary module. The PCB is yet to be completed as I've had a few iterations of it as well. The PCB is crucial to the whole system, and I've had a few issues with one or two but I need to complete it as soon as possible.


What questions need to be answered ?

A basic single module which is a mirror with servo motor has been made and tested. This needs to be take further and it needs to be synced with each other to make a single segment as a seven segment single digit has.



What is the schedule?

01/06-05/06 : 1 module moving with hinge and 328p board


06/06 - 09/06 : Remaining 5 modules


09/6 - 11/6 : Assembly and Electronics


12/06 - 14/06 : Frame and documentation


How will it be evaluated?

28 Servos are Working in Sync at Precession every 60 Seconds, Without any Current Shortage.

The Laser Cut Design Iterations should be considered.

The modules are completely laser cut allows rapid replications when needed