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Fab Academy 2017 at Fab Lab Barcelona.

About me

Hi my name is Trinidad I'm an Architect from Mexico. I studied my MAA in Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in 2013 and when I finished I opened my own Fab Lab in south of Mexico. Co - Founder of Fab Lab Maya; my work consist in social projects that combines technology with the local production, helping craftsmen and craftswomen to access international markets; advisor of science projects that have been chosen to represent Mexico in Brazil 2017; speaker at TEDx Cancun in November 2016; and coordinator of Digital Handcraft, program from the Fab Lat Network. My main motivation is that where I'm from, I see a big lack of knowledge in the universities that are focused in technology, everything is about programming and nothing about prototyping. With the advanced knowledge from Fab academy, I want to help students to change their perspective in technology, so they will be able to materialize their ideas.

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Fab Academy 2017 Fab Lab Barcelona Trinidad A. Gomez Machuca
IAAC trinidad.gomez@iaac.net