Jun 07: project development

For a final project I would love to create some kind of a floating cloud thing. I never worked with magnets so it's a totally new thing for me. I looked a lot at the stuff that flyte do. Like there floating plants and floating light bulbs. Also was getting in contacted with crealev which build magnetic modules. I want to design it like a lowpoly cloud with integrated sensors and led bulbs. If its possible it should work as an external bluetooth hard disk or a cloud that measures humidity and noise and get to make the LED glow in some kind of algorithm. It should include bluetooth, magnetic fields, sensors like the one from smart citizens because I think it has already kind of the sensors I want to us. I started to make some sketches and transformed it afterwards in Photoshop to have a going at how it could look like. Then I set up some renders and small designs in different 3D softwares.

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Researching different modules

I looked at different options and modules to make the cloud really flying in the end. I decided that the task to build a electromagnetic levitation module will probably be too difficult. So I bought one module to have a look at how everything works together and get it levitated. I ordered this module and waited until it arrives.


Dissassembling the module

After It finally arrived I tried to lift a lot of different stuff to measure how much it actually can lift and how heavy all my components can be in the end. In the instructions it says it can lift up to 250g.

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What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

I already finished with my magnetic levitation module and my cloud. Tasks that remain are making my box to store the module and finishing my electronics.

What has worked? What hasn't?

Including a DHT11 Sensor hasn't really worked because of my Esp8266-01. And I couldn't flash the bigger and better ESP8266-12 module because nodeemcu interfered with it. Magnetic levitation worked suprisingly well and my code works also.

What questions need to be resolved?

How I store all my components in the cloud and how I get my cloud as light as possible.

What have you learned??

I learned a lot about electronics. Before I started with the FABAcademy I didn't even knew the basics, now I can already make my own boards and schematics. I also learned a lot about time management, researching and documenting.