The goal of this assignment is interpret and implement design and programming protocols to create a Graphic User Interface.

Students should have:

Described your process using words/images/screenshots
Explained the the GUI that you made and how you did it
Outlined problems and how you fixed them
Included original code

App Inventor

First I read some information about App Inventor, and finally, to work with App Inventor, I went to this web and I registred my e-mail. After that I did soem tutorials, one which help me a lot, was this one.

On the designer part, I put a ListPicker to select the bluethooth, a Label to read the values received by bluethooth, a Button to ask for these values. Also I put BluethoothClient and Clock

Designer App Inventor

On the blocks part, I put the program. The first block, it search the different adresses of bluethooth. The second block, is to chose the connection with one of the bluethooth adresses. And finally, the third one, is to give the values by bluethooth while this one is connected.

Blocks App Inventor


I download the dht and Adafruitsensor libraries to obtain the values of the DHT22 sensor (temperature and humidity). The program that I used, is the DHTtester (File -> Examples -> DHT sensor library -> DHTtester).

Then, I did the connections. I used a Arduino, DHT22 sensor and the bluethoooth. I connect the 5V and GND between the two sensors and also with the Arduino, and the RX and TX of Arduino with the TX and RX of the bluethooth, respectively. And the pin out of the DHT22 sensor to digital input numbeer 2 of Arduino (as we can see in the program DHTtester. Later, I upload the program.


First, with my mobile, I download the MIT AI2 Companion app. Then I opened the bluethoot and I connected with it. Following, in the webpage of MIT App Inventor I selected Connect -> AI Companion (top toolbar) which given me a code. Next I opened the app in my mobile and I introduced this code. After that I begin the test as we can see on the video.

week 15 (RAR)

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