The goal of this assignment is design a machine in group, which at least it has to be two motors. After we will have to program it.

Students should have:

Work and communicate effectively in a team and independently
Design, plan and build a system
Analyse and solve teechnical problems
Recognise opportunities for improvements in the design



We decided to build a machine to scan, where the piece to scan is in a circular platform which has to rotate, and a arm which has a mobile does the tilt movement around the platform taking different photos. We design different machines to do a brainstorming, and see the different ideas and which are the best. In my case, I design a machine whithout gears.

Machine to scan

Finally we decided to put gears in the steppers of the arms, but we had some problems because the stepper which control the arm has not enought torque to move it.

Machine problems

To solve it we had two option:
Put some counterweight in the other side of the arm, in this way the stepper suffers less and works better.
Increase the ratio of the gears.

The first option implicates that the machine will take up more space. for this reason we chose the second option.

Machine (RAR)

Documentation of the machine

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