échoFab, Montréal, Canada


Photo of Phonesavanh

Facilitator, UX and UI designer, I am also known as an enthousiaste maker. My background is fine arts and graphic design.

Since meeting the team who created the first fab lab in Canada in 2013 and participating in Fab10 in Barcelona in 2014, I wanted to work more on interactive and connected objects, learn, create and work in a fab lab environment. Fab Academy is part of my process and I am very happy and gratefull to be part of such a great organisation and movement.

Lately my path has led me to work with amazing people to rethink our collective spaces and the way we want to live. As an active citizen in participating and facilitating public consultation, participating and co-organizing hackatons and open data portal for my city, creating events and promoting collaborative space, I believe that each one of us makes a difference.