Yuji OKI

Major : Laser engineering and Laser spectroscopy. Laser, Electronics, Organics and Computer are target of research.


Yuji OKI is Ph.D of electrical engineering. He have lecture about optoelectronics, electro magnetic, and computer programming practices for undergraduate students, and fundamental opto-quantum electronics for graduated students. He also have some lecture about 3D cad, mathematica and Physical computing with Arduino.

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My fab academy

I would like to study about making optical tools using polymeric material. I am interested in 3D printer and Arduino, and also programming with Mathematica. Another is bike riding. So bike accessory is also the interesting project.

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Final Project

Mini spectroscope (Absorbance meter) for RGB color. A silicone module with black carbon for light blocking and and mounting glass cell. The light source is RGB-LED, photo detector is RGB sensor. The data is transported via bluetooth communications.

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