Fablab CEPT
Faculty of Design CEPT University

Rudrapalsinh Solanki


 Mechanical design and machine design



1. Group assignment

   make a machine, including the end effector

   build the passive parts and operate it manually


Initial Stage: How and what was the idea behind the machine design

Once all the ideation is done, I took upon the task to make the 3D of the machine and also detail out what the machine have and how each components are connected to each other. I started working on the 3D model files while tapan started working on the materials required and their assembly and vipul started work for the extruder/holder. Once the model was ready I made files for the laser cutting and side be side tapan started assembly of the unit. Then the task was transfered to tapan as the assembly was done by him. Then I started working on the website and the documentation part of the machine. The best part of the MTM weeks were that i learned soo many new ways to work on electronics, as we have very different skill set as individuals and so the week came up with all the new and exiting decisions and discussions among ourselves and the other people working in the lab.


Concept stages of construction of the machine

For the Machine design week. I took the responsibility to make the whole machine. While making the machine the most important part was to understand the working of the machine with 2 motors. As the virtual model was formed and in parallel we were getting the materials for the assembly of the machine.

Rendered views of the machine

Laser cutting files for the machine

The first part was to develop all the laser cutting files according to the machine. Once the model is ready in the computer we designed the individual components of the box and did the laser cutting of the files.

Assembly the machine

Once all the components are ready and now the main task will start to assemble the whole kit and start coding it.


All the base and other MDF components are designed to be press fit in nature, so it is easy to assemble the base plane and other planes adjoining and to make the D.C motor box.

All the M.D.F cutted members are joined to each other.


All the elements are joined to one anther through the given connectors. Then the guides are connected to the box.


The guides are now aligned and pulleys are joined to the box and the alignment of the wheels is checked.


Then the belt is connected to the pulley through  a 3D printed gripper that locks the belt and it can also adjust the length.

Recognize opportunities for improvements in the design:


There are few things that I realized that can make this machine better. First important thing that If we would have used the fab module of MTM then It would have been better design. This design has few flaws in the working.


The most important detail that I wanted to change was the SS rods that had the header/ which was moving on 2 roller and a belt. The roller and the belt can be replaced by the threaded screw fixed with the stepper motor.


 The DC motor used here has a little issue with its movement. The candle is fixed to the DC motor which is suspended through one end, so the candle is not easily rotating.

 The belt used was not the right option to work with it for the longer time. Instead The belt can be replaced by the threaded screw fixed directly to the stepper motor.

If the DC motor is fixed to one end and also the candle fixed to it directly. On the other side it should be fixed to a rotatory vertical base.

The revolving threaded screw that holds the stand that contains the head for the drawing on a candle.

Final Presentation of the Machine

Week 09 Files