Tilt mechanisme

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Because I want to close the rear side of the leafbot I had to design a mechanisme to open en close the storage. By closing the rear of the leafbot the leaf cann't been blown out of the storage. First I had designed and belt mechanism, but to operate the the belt and the rear flap, I need two electric motors and more controls. So I decided to change the design of the Leafbot. I designed a system where the rear flap and tilt mechanism of the storage is combined and can be operate by 1 electric motor. The idea comes from a agricuture machine. The storage can tilt the leafs out of the box.

The development of the new tilt mechanism I focused first on the position of the joints. I played with the postion until I had a good working mechanism

After the positions of the joints where fixed, I started to redesign the complete leafbot so all the parts fitted perfect together. Below the chassis assembly

I designed the joints an the spindle to drive the tilting mechanism. The tilt mechanism is a spindle that is driven by an electric motor. The motor is not devined, and is not drawn in SolidWorks. This will be done in the next weeks. Over the spindle a nut M10 is moving up and down the spindle, when the spindle with tread is turning. The nut is hold in a 3D printed joined that is fixed to the wooden rear flap.

The sections below are redesigned. Right bottom a gab is engineered so the water can flow out of the storage. The storage is angled so the water will flow to the backside of the storage The opening of the storage is is reworked so it better in line with the metal casing of the front sid eof the Leafbot

A section view of the opened storage system

A detail view of the tilting mechanism. The spindle that drives the 3D printed joint. The spindle that is driven by the black bush with theath where a belt drives this bush.

Rear view of the chassis

View of the completed leatbot until now. The leafbot is connected with 8 inch brushless wheels from a hoverboard

Bottom view. In the front the brushes. Below the storage there is space for the pcb and other electric components

The Leafbot chassis and tilting mechanism is now ready to be milled on the shopbot.