Final result and presentation

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The final presentation poster

Final presentation

The final presentation movie

Final presentation movie

Link to the 3D CAD files and Bill of Material

3D CAD files leafBot

Final photo with me and the LeafBot

Testriding the LeafBot in the FabLabEnschede garden

Preparing the final presentation

180° view of the Theatrum Anatomicum in The Waag Amsterdam

Paul performing his test presentation towards luis

Say goodby to Luis

I had prepared myself good for my final presenation and the presenation went well. I could demostrate the robot live infront of the camera. During the my demostration I noticed something went wrong with my robot, not knowing at that moment want happend. Nobody noticed it, but I later discovered that one wheel nut was niet tight anymore and the wheel was able to slip over the axle.

When Sander also give his presentation, we all collected in front of the camera to say goodby.

Then its was pasta and pizza time. It tasted very good and it was an nice relaxed finish of the FabAcademy at The Waag in Amsterdam