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Week 18 Invention, Intellectual Property, and Income

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In my previous job at Bosch Thermotechnology it was encouraged to invent. There was even a department busy to patent new inventions. And in the years I have worked at Bosch I have made some inventions that relay to Boilers for domestic and central heating. Most of them invented with an college. Some inventions are combined to one patent. Some patents are only for one specific country and some are patent worldwide. That is depending on the invention it self and for which marked the invention is important. My personal experience is that it is an specific expertise to write patents. But some experts in writing patents, are wrinting the patent to general. I have experienced that I was reading one of my patents, it was still in the writing fase of the patent, that I wasn't able to follow it myself anymore. It was discribed so cryptic and so schematic, that is was not clear what the invention was about. The patents where discribed in a way that it would also fit to other branches instead of only the heating devices. But this example was discribed a bit to general and was changed to make it more clear what the invention was about. But to write a patent more in general is also important. This is done to make the patent more strong, to get the patent and to protect the invention even better. If I have made an invention for let say a bicycle, but I haven't patented the idea also for a car, then within the car industrie someone can make use of my invention.

Patents listed on my name

In the picture below one of my patents is classified for mostly heating devices.

In the FabLabEnschede we also share ideas with an FabMoment . This is an example of a project I have made and shared on the website of FabLabEnschede to inspire customers what can be made in the fablab and how to make a big object. We make of creativecommons licenses. My displayed idea is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0). The reason for this is I like to share it, but since I put a lot of work in to the design of the lasercutted apple, I don't want that some else is taking financial gain from it and make money out it and not sharing it with me. My goal is to show the possibilities of the laser cutter in the FabLab. I share my idea to inspire other people that they can make there own idea's.

The comments Niel at my final presentation was that he would like to give a LeafBot to his neighbor. His neighbor is some one how is using is very noisy leafblower to collect the leafs. My LeafBot operates allmost with no noise. Speaking to other people like my college Ruben and a road worker that is living nearby my home, new ideas and possibilties for my LeafBot popped up. My own idea was to make the LeafBot also ready to sweep my ramp, to get rit of the weed between the bricks. But if it can do that, then it should also be able to sweep litter from the streets. But the read worker told me that he often makes new lawn with artifical turf. To finish the job, special grains needs to seeded and has to be sweeped with a broom to devide the grains in to the artifical turf. This is heavy work and cost time. His question to ma can you make a machine for it to do so.
I have already an idea to improve the LeafBot. Make it more robust, more compact with bigger leaf storage volume. But with these new possibilities I have to think more in making a motorized platform to add modules to it. A leaf brush module. A ramp brush (a ramp brush needs more brush hairs) module, a litter sweeping module (I have to analise that what design of the brush works best). Maybe a roadside grassmower module and combine it with an additional robot that is using the same motorized platform but then applied with the leaf sweeping brush to pickup the mowed grass. But if the LeafBot is able to spin a brush, then it should also be possible to make work as an grain devider for artifical turf. The brushing priciple is the same.
Next thing to develop is to have the Leafbot driven in a geometric fence by sonar beacons. This needs for me additional studie how to design this. How to deal with different spaces is for me a big question. Also how can it drive autonomously between this geometrical fence?

I see new interesting possibilities and already a few people have indicated to me that they want the have my leafbot. I have to think now how I want to protect my idea of the Robot that is desiged to pick-up material, litter, grass, Leafs and other but if I think even futher can do more than that. Is also possible of weeding agricultural without the use of chemicals. But how to protect my idea. Do I want to patent it? To patent my idea is expensive. In most western countries the same garden machines are used to brush a ramp of sweep leafs. To have a effective patent I have to patent it worldwide. But what are the changes to get a patent. Therefor I have to investigate excisisting patents. And if someone is copying my idea, I have to bring it to court. The question is, in what matter can an patent protect me? I have my doubts about it. I first have to develop a proffesional machine. I like the idea that I can work together with other people and share idea's. Come with a solution for problems, to solve those in a efficient way. I think my robot can offer a good technical solution. I came with my idea because every year I am facing the same problem. I haven't created an machine to make a machine, but to solve a problem. And other people did get already new idea's for the robot.

What I did it opened the creativecommons website and went for Lets get started.

A few questions to think about. Do I want that my invention is shared? Yes I like to because it can solve problems. So if people have good idea's I like it that it is applied to the LeafBot. If I want to make a business out of it I like to make money out of it, but perhaps others can make new modules for the LeafBot. I am not against it. I think if I created an driving platform as a basis robot and other are designing special modules for it with there own special function, then I think it can be a great solution.

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