Assembly of the milled parts

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Before the milled parts, see Week7 where assembled, I pressed the bearings in the milled chambers. The first bulkhead was assembled in the side panel. The the smaller second bulkhead was also assembled.

What you don't see on this picture, is that before the other side panel is assembled, the spindle with the brushes should also be assembled. The side walls holding the spindle in place. I discoverd that the LeafBot should be assembled from one side to the other side. So less screws are needed and the robot can be fixed together by only the wedges.

With the rubber hamer the parts are beeing pressed to fit right.

The wegde prevents that the bulkhead can disassemble.

One wedge on the right side is assembled and fits perfectly

The wedge is hardly noticeable (right side of the bulkhead)

The bigger wedges are pressed in the openings. The clamping force is very strong

The front bulkhead is pressed in.

In the same way the tilting mechanisme is been assembled. Notice the 3D printed joints.

The complete storage and tilting mechanisme is joint by 3D printed joints. It is a axis and a nut inside that is pressed over the axis by a pressfit construction.

It is a axis and a nut inside that is pressed over the axis by a pressfit construction

The milling proces and 3D printing proces comes wunderfully together with a perfect fit.

The front suspension is also build out of milled wooden parts that are hold together by 2 wedges. Also the front suspension has to be assembled from one side the the other, because the bearings must slide over the spindle.

The front wheels added, but the joints still has to be designed. Due to lack of time I wasn't able to design it and make it. I am tinking of making a leaf spring to hold the frontwheels. With this leaf spring some suspension can be added and the front wheels can be twist a bit to follow the rough terrain

Detail view of the brushes, before this will be closed by a curved metal plate.

The lead storage also can tilt.

First test outside on the lawn with some leafs and an drilling machine to gear the brushes.

Second test in slowmoting filmed

It was allready late in the evening and I had to make a connection from the spindle with a diameter of 15 mm to the drilling machine with has an capacity of 13 mm. With some metal parts I quickly made something to go for the first test. If you listen well you can hear is slipping.

Without the metal cover, most of the leafs already are been trown into the storage :-) Yes the systems works!!!

Some nice pictures