Sebastiaan Moes

My name is Sebastiaan Moes. I am in the age of 40 years. I have two bachelor titles one in
mechanical biomedical engineering and one in industrial design. I graduated at boiler company,
Bosch Thermotechnology, and stayed there. The compagny designs, engineers and produces boilers
to heat up domestic homes and suppling domestic hot water. I have been performing there as a
concept design engineer for 14 years. I designed new boiler concepts, engineered within a team
of experts, meanly to complete outside structure and worked on getting the boiler been tested
and into series production.

I spent a lot of time there designing and constructing the boiler concepts in the in-house
workshop.I was using 3D printed and casted parts to build up the prototype boilers. This 3D
printing technology and also the maker movement has my interest. Since I was limited in my
possibilities and freedom spending more time with 3D printing technologies and maker movement
I was lucky that a function as Technical coordinator for the FabLabEnschede came free and
that I got the job since march 2015. I feel very honoured that this job was given to me. For
myself the fablab is the place to be and I am very happy to work at the FabLabEnschede.
Have a look to the movie to be guided through the FabLabEnschede.

Which is the 4th fablab in the Netherlands. In march 2016 the FabLabEnschede is celebrating the
5 anniversary.

From the beginning of my live I always was busy creating things. First of coarse with lego,
later I also started to design things on paper. My biggest interest have bicycles and cars.
And that is what I designed a lot. So I knew at an young age that my future was to be
designer or better a creator. That’s why I first followed a study mechanical engineering
followed by the study industrial design.

At the age of 30 I had a job at Bosch and I was in the need of a workshop to be able to
created my own idea’s. At that moment there was no fablabs in the Netherlands so I had
to create my own workshop. Because my parents are also creative people and even so my
younger brother like making things him selves, we all were all in the need of place with
a lot of space. So together with my parents I bought a farm with big barns. This farm
became a new and big challenge and hobby for me. The workshop is currently under
development. It is already functional but 35% of the job still has be done. probably
cannot make progress in the construction work during the FabAcademy. Due to the fact
I work 3 days at the FabLab Enschede, I do not have so much time during the work week
to work on my assigments. So have to spend time during the weekend for filling the
FabAcademy assignments.

I also like collecting different types of Mazda cars. Currently I have 5 cars which
are all running and in good condition. The oldest is from 1981 and the newest from 2008
with is my daily driver.

Another big and important hobby is riding my bicycles. I have a big collection of
bikes ranching from mountain bikes, to racing bikes, Holland bikes and recumbent
bikes. Several frames I have designed and made myself and I use them very often.


Almost every day I design new products. But since my knowledge about programming,
electronics and software is very limited, I never was able to design products that
are electronical controlled of moved. So this is what I like to learn in the
FabAcademy. I want to be able to understand how to design an electronic controlled
machine or device instead of only design parts. I have a lot of experience working
with 3D printers, wood working machines, metal working machines. But as I am working
in the fablab, I also see a challenge to learn more open source software programs
and machines to be able to help customers in the fablab in a perspective way. Give
them more possibilities to create their own idea’s.