I would like to make something practical, which can solve common probrem in our daily life, as I am interested in real business. I am amateur for product design and manufacuturing, however, I would like to improve my skills through practice and projects in Fab Academy.

Update (2016/05/18)


Having discussion with Emma, who is the local instructor, I decided the structure and sorted out of the issues for my final project. For my final project, there are main 4 parts;

  • Input device: accelelometer?
  • Output device: speaker
  • GPS module
  • Bluetooth module

Structure of the projects

Idea4: Lost Property Prevention Attachment (2016/03/08)


Since I did so many lost property, I would like to make lost property prevention attachment, which can let us know by beeping if we leave the property without taking as below.

I want the attachment to connect the application of smartphone via bluetooth or iBeacon. The application operate on the background of the smartphone, and beeping if the smartphone gets apart from the attachment to a certain distane (eg. 5m, 10, or so).

Challenges and Points TBD

Idea1: Remote Lock Attachment (2016/02/01)


I would like to make "remote lock attachment".

I often forget to lock my door when I go out from my flat, and every time have to return to lock. In addition to that, there are times when I cannote lock the door having baggages with both my hands. I have been wishing I could lock the door of my flat from a distance after I leave my house.

Though automatic lock is existing, there are cases when it is too expensive for students living single or implementing it is impossible physically.

From the reaon as I mentioned above, I would like to make "remote lock attachment", which can implement doors easily and can lock the door from a distance with browse apps on smartphone as following image.

Challenges and Points TBD

  • How to control the attachment(home wifi/bluetooth/etc)?
  • Should I use the browse app or mobile app?
  • Should I implement opning function? ( it is a little difficult in terms of technical and security.)

Idea2: Illumination Drone (2016/02/09)


My second product idea is "Illumination Drone", which moves corresponding the motion of portable devise.

SPARKED: A Live Interaction Between Humans and Quadcopters

Making video

Illumination Drone

Challenges and Points TBD

  • In the first place, should I and how to make the drone from scratch?
  • How to correspond the motion of the drone with the one of portable devise.(remote sensoring)
  • How to control the posture of the drone?

Idea3: Noise Absorbing Helmet (2016/02/09)


The third idea is "Noise Absorbing Helmet", which help person whose snore is so noisy to cut the volume of his/her snore.

Noise Absorbing Helmet

Challenges and Points TBD

  • How to keep breathability and comfortableness for person using the helmet
  • Is it possible to make the helmet transparent?


  • Motivation
  • Idea1: Remote Lock Attachment
  • Idea2: Illumination Drone
  • Idea3: Noise Absorbing Helmet