0. Assignments for wk14

The assignments for wk14 were as below;

  1. Design and make a 3D mould (~ft2 /300mm²), and produce a fibre composite part in it.

1. Making Laundry box


This week, I just wanted to buy laundry box for my room, so quickly decided to make it. Having discussion with Michael, who is one of the local instructors in Amsterdam, we planned to use "vacuum bagging" and make core not by polywoods using shopbot but by cardboards using lasercutter because it was faster and efficient choice considering my output.

Making Core

First, I made the design of core on Fusion 360, and it was not so difficult to finish it using the function "Loft", which could make bodies connecting two surfaces.

STL design of Cure

Next, I used 123D Make to transform the STL file to the cutting blueprint. In first trial, I made so much complex body which had 7 layer so that I could not construct. Then, I revised the blueprint which had only four layer, and successfuly construct the core.

Designing on 123D make

Cutting blueprint of core

Though I felt it was a bit weak to compress, it went well with surrounding surface in terms of strength in the end.

Core made of cardboards

After constructing the core, I designed and added the the suraface surrounding the core to enhance the strength. Though Rhino could make flat patterns(developments) by its function, Fusion 360 did not have the same function, so I drew the cutting blueprint by hand.

Cuttng blueprint of surface

Surface cardboards

Then, I put surface cardboards on the previous core, and fix them by the plastic tape.

Cardboards core

Finally, I surrounded it by the plastic wrap Then to prevent it being got wet by the resin, and successfuly made the core in the end.

Production of core

Cutting burlap

Next, I had to cut the burlap(fiber) for the composite's surface, so I designed the parts as below, which could cover the gaps between each burlaps.

Designing cutting blueprint on Fusion 360

Cutting Blueprint of burlap

After that, I cut the burlap 3 times by lasercutter, and made 3 same surface parts to surround the core with resin.

Burlap for surface

Drip the burlap to resin

Next job was the most important part of this week, in which I dripped the burlap to the resin. First, we mix the two type of rasins, which are the hard one and soft one, with the ration of 2 to 1, and contined to mix them in 2-3 minutes.


After preparing the resin, I put "vaseline" on the inside of "vaccuum bag", and dripped the burlap to the mixed resin. (there are no picture because I didn't so much time...) Then, put the dripped burlap on the surface of the previous core, and put it into the vaccuum bag. Vaccuuming the air from the bag, I finished the preparation process in the end.

Composites in the vaccuum bag

Eliminating the core

Next day, I came to the waag lab, and checked that the resin finished to dry. Unfotunatelly, it was not impossible to eliminate the cardboads core without breaking it because the resin got shrinked as it got dried, so I eliminate the core usgin scissors to break it.

Eliminating the core

Then, I used sandpaper to polish the body, and successfuly made the laundry box made of composites in the end.

Laundry box made of composties

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1. Making laundry box

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Checklist for Wk14

  • Design and make a 3D mould (~ft2 /300mm²), and produce a fibre composite part in it.
Learning outcomes:
  • Demonstrate workflows used in mould design and construction
  • Select and apply suitable materials and processes to create a composite part.
Have you:
  • Shown how you made your mould and created the composite
  • Described problems and how you fixed them
  • Included your design files and ‘hero shot’ photos of the mould and the final part