Short Biography

I am from Japan and taking the class of Fab Academy 2016 in Fablab Amsterdam.

My background is in business development and programming. Before I came to Netherland, I worked at an ICT startup in East Africa as a server side engineer and business development staff from March 2015 to December 2015. At that time, I also participated in the project to establish the first Fablab in Uganda, which was called "Fablab Kampala", collaborating with Ugandan government, and then I got interested in the concept of Fablab and keen on mastering digital fabrication skills.

The reason why I am participating in Fab Academy 2016 is because I want to be a business professional who is specialized not only in business development but also in digital fabrication and rapid prototyping. My aim is to create or help people to create new business models which can solve social issues in developing countries. I strongly believe that learing 'how to make (almost) anything' and how to teach it to other people will help me and them to make prototypes of new hardware products rapidly and it will improve quality and speed of developing business in real startup scene in the future.