Jacopo Di Matteo


About Me

You want to know more about me? I am 18-year-old former student who is taking a gap year before University. I am originally from Italy, however I have lived in the Netherlands since 2005. I decided to take a gap for various reasons, which range from my desire to explore some of my hobbies (such as watch-making & falconry) for which I wouldn't have time while studying for University.

I have always nourished a great interests in science; via this intrest and the privilege of taking part in scientific competitions such as the EUCYS (where I presented a project on computer vision) I developed a profound interest in Artificial Intelligence, the field in which I hope to study. I am here at the Fab Academy to develop my ability to apply theoretical models, as well as get some hands on experience, which will prove invaluable in my research of A.I. for this reason I will most likely develop a robotics oriented final project.
[More details about my prior experience with each of the weekly assignments can be found in the preamble on their respective pages.]