About me

I'm Gérard Bandini, I was born a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away... Well, in fact, 35 years ago, in a little island called Corsica (France), trapped between France, Spain, Africa and Italy.

I'm passionate about science, computers (graphics, programming, etc...), electronics, tinkering and some more things, and I am definitly bad at writing or speaking english, sorry about that.

I studied Electronic maintenance at high school Fred Scamaroni in Bastia. I didn't studied computers neither science, I'm more a self-taught person.

On my every day work, I teach peoples the very basics of computers (surfing the web, sending mails, understanding the difference between left and right click...), not much tinkering, so on my free time, I try to make things that I publish on my modest blog

I participated (with many other peoples) in the birth of the first Fablab of Corsica, in Ajaccio.

Contact me on Twitter ggb2 at free dot france

Weekly assignments