I am a craftsman, maker, tinkerer, designer, builder, woodwright, lots of words for someone who builds things. While some form of building/making/fabricating/designing has been my profession the last eight years or so, at the moment, I am helping manage the FabLab at Charlotte Latin School, teaching middle and high schoolers to use fabrication equipment, as well as doing other work around the school.

I have a great love for craft. I am amazed by the amount of knowledge and skill we can carry not just in our minds, but in our hands and bodies.
-quick antecdote: I used to try to "race" my friend at a woodshop where I worked a few years back. We'd need a pretty simple part. He'd make it on the CNC, me by hand (with power tools). I'd win about ninety percent of the time, usually because he had to sit down and draw the part, do the CAM, take it to the machine, fixture, mill, remove, take off tabs. I just had to look at a drawing, grab a piece of wood and start cutting.

That being said, I have been embracing newer fabrication methods recently. There are some things my hands and body just can't make (and many more things they just don't want to) and I am happy and excited to take control over some machines and get them to do that work for me.

Man is the symbol-making animal
moralized by the negative
seperated from his natural condition by instruments of his own making
goaded by the spirit of hierarchy
and rotten with perfection.

-Kenneth Burke

Here are some picture of things I made that I like a lot