week 07

Computer-Controlled Machining


Group assignment

test runout, alignment, speeds, feeds, and toolpaths for your machine

individual assignment

Make something big

2.Idea & Background


Our Fablab received an invitation from Xi'an's makerfaire.
The theme is to participate in the drift car race.
The approximate form of competition is that everyone builds their own car and drives their own car at the venue.
After I google a little bit, I found out a "cake car" and immediately fell in love with this idea.
So I'm going to make a flowerpot car to race.

Design & Idea

About the engine system we have is a Carzy cart, so all I need to do is make a flowerpot shell for it.

I also found a 3D model of CrazyCart and used Rhino to make a diagram of the final result, like this


First try

I first built a model of a flowerpot with SketchUp.
But when I want to put my built models together to see if they are inappropriate. It was found that was inconvenient to either combine the models in the software or export to cuttable DWG files.

Second Try

So I used Rhino to rebuild the model again.

  • Since our milling cutter is 4cm, I deliberately left 2 holes with a diameter of 4cm on each card slot.
  • I also group them together by hand and the final result shows that this looks exactly like what I want.
  • I pulled a plank-sized box so that each part was placed as far as possible on only one board.

  • Making cover

    In addition to the bracket, it is also necessary to make a cover for our flowerpot.

  • I first modeled with sketchUp and opened the 3D model into a 3D cad model by "Unwrap and flatten faces" plugin.
  • As for the material, I chose to use this kind of non-woven fabric and then cut them out with laser cutting.

  • 4.Cut it out

    Cut it out

    I chose a 2440mm x 1200mm x 18mm wood/4mm milling cutter
    The specific parameters are as follows:

  • Row spacing: 0.1mm
  • Lower cutting step distance: 2mm
  • Rotation speed: 15000 rpm
  • Feed speed: 20mm/sec

  • We use this type of wood: 2440mm x 1200mm x 18mm by taobao


    Cutting it out, I took all the parts back to the space with cart and started assembling

    I also added a bar light on the cart for a fancy style.


    After the test assembly was successful,we shipped it to Xi'an
    Luckily, Makerfaire volunteers in Xi'an helped me to put on an outside cover cloth.
    Eventually, he finally became a flowerpot cart, and I even bought a gorilla mask and a petal head cover to match it.