Computer-Aided Design

Background Story

I wanna make a jewelry for my girlfriend (maybe Ex-girlfriend now)

First I need to FIND a girlfriend, so I open the browser and google it.

It's hard to find but eventually I found a perfect candidate.
Like this:

Since I've heard about Schrödinger and his mysterious girlfriend "help"
he discovered the famous evolution equation that bears his name in quantum physics.
I decide use quantum physics & String theory as inspiration idea for this jewelry

2D Design


First I try to use GIMP to make a renderings of my "girlfriend" with jewellery. But I quickly gave up the attempt and turn to use PS.


Final Renderings


Install inkscape

First I installed inkscape by Homebrew




3D Design

For 3D design I spend all my time in study how to use Antimony. Because it's highly recommend by Neil and pulls the all 3D design function together: Constructive Solid Geometry,parametric, procedura

1.I found Antimony's github page and follow the introduction mkeeter/antimony to install antimony.
luckly they have a pre-built application options.
So I just download a DMG and install on my laptop.


Then I follow the steps in this tutorial to learn how to create a bolt. Then I installed "fstl", a ".stl files" viewer, building by the same programer. It is optimized to quickly load and render very high-polygon models.

You can check this link: Test1 to download all files.


I want to learn more about Antimony,but the guides are so limited. So I reference to the tutorial of the previous fab academy students. You can check this links: Daniela
Also you can check this link: Test2 to see all files.

Ring for ex-

Science Valentine's Day is coming, So I decide to try make some rings. I suddely had an idea: why I don't design a pair of rings for the ex-girlfriends / ex-boyfriends. As a gift send to the "Ex".
So I designed those rings and named it:
1.Broken Heard (Because those holes and thorns, it will hurtful when "Ex-" wear it)
2."Go to hell" (The idea inspired by canine teeth or fangs: words hurt )
3.An ordinary pair of rings for man
4.An ordinary pair of rings for woman

File list

antimony files:rings & test files
  • Antimony files
  • Stl files :Ex-Rings
  • Ex-Rings Stl files