3d Scanner and printing
  • group project: test the design rules for your printer(s)
  • design and 3D print an object (small, few cm) that could not be made subtractively
  • 3D scan an object (and optionally print it) (extra credit: make your own scanner)
Test the rules of your printer

Test the rules of your printer I fist wanted to do a quick review of the different printing options that exist. our test will be done on

Ultimake 2+ Sindoh 3DWOX for used a model I found on Thingiverse so that i can test abality of our printer capacity on making overhang, bridges, support,etc under this condition for Ulrimaker 2+
  • Nozzle & Material 0.4 mm ; PLA
  • Profile Hgh Quality -0.06m
  • Infill light
  • Enable support ticked
  • Build Plate Adhesion ticked
  • and this is the result i obtained
    the bridge was so fine and the support was to hard even to remove them from the model was a difficult thing. But the inner surface was not smooth as i wish, this happens because of jumping of the nosal from one part of the model to another one

    again We used two model to test our print on how acculacry we can have on different models to we took two scanner models one for mine and another for my classmate Denis

    all model was printed with the same settings but in different printer

    temperature testing

    Ultimaker 2+ temperature testing i printed this model under this setting as shown in image below the result i found was not real good as i want what i realise i that it is not good to use higher temperature according to material used because it also take too long to cool down that cause deformation in model while it is colling down and it better to change the printing speed too beacuse all varies and play a big role in printing quality of a printer, this speed and temperature reduction can be also used solve the problem I faced in first test i mentioned above.

    some problems on ultimaker2+ i faced with in this week and how i fixed

    most of time the filament feed on ultimaker user gear to push the filament this feed is located at the back of the printer and some time can cause the material to be grounded down by the feeder to solve this problem i refered to the ultimaker resource and i followed all steps and the problem was solved perfect you can find even some other common problems happen on ultimaker and how to solve them on ultimaker troubleshootings while i was documenting this assignment i fund another rare problem on ultimaker 2+ that happen to one of our member while his was priniting his model finaly the model was inclined at a given angle relative to the building plate while when he was designing his model, the model was supposed to be vertical he called me to help him on this problem and honestly it was my first time to see this what i did i check the nosal and i found that may be there is some thing move it but i dessembly the nosal part and ressemble again but finaly i realised that that was not the cause because even if the nosal is not alligned well but the vector travel can not be changed now i check the movement of the X and Y axis of motor final on X axis pulley was not tight fixed so in moving backward was not actually completing the steps but in forward was working fine what i did i tight the pulley screw again using mini L shaped allen keys(hex screwdriver L shaped) and now is the printer is working fine but in dis trouble shooting i forget to take photos or video of the process but the pulley i fixed is this none while i was making some research i fund another problem that happen to me seval times before when i was using thin walls of the material
    to solve this before i haven't any idea but on this webpage of ultimaker community one person was suggesting to use Slic3r Instead of cura but this topic was in 2015 but in nowdays cura is supporting thin wall too no need to worry about this again
    3D Printing

    in 3D printing i created a model in solidworks because the solidworks is especial for CAM(Computer Aided Manufacturing) and it can be used in 2D and as well as 3D design its simulation is awsame but I tried to make a simulation in solidwork student version but not thing obtained may be it due to lack skills but am going to contunue working and learning hard and i test and I print It, the design i made in a hallow cylinder with twisted gaps on it vertical body and sperical ball inside

    here there is the process i used in solidworks firstly I created a circle on top plane and I Extrude boss/base. After that I extruded cut a rectangle on the body of cylinder and i make a circular parttern to produce more features on body of cylinder. and i closed the upper part on the second design i made i draw i semi circle touching on a centerline on plane and i made a revolve boss base in order to have full sphere and i amde an assembly of those parts and final i obtained a final model and stl file and we used sindow to print this model, below there is the images showing the process of i used: draw a circular base with 35 mm diameter extrude boss base with 68 mm of height to get a fine cylinder create a wall thickness os 2 mm by using shell feature and shell inside by 2 mm
    draw a vertical rectangle extrude cut through the wall to create a gap through wall
    by using circular parten you can duplicate the gap on circular path with relatice to the origin or circunference of the base by passing thought insert option then feature you fund flux feature with give you option of twisting on this model i twisted by 270 degree after that i created a top cover with the same setting as base 35 mm diameter to create a sphere in solidworks i used a semi-circle and i used rouft boss base to create a circular extrusion my sphere making an assymbly to create a complex structure that can not be done separately print setting i used to print this model 3D printed model

    Download STL file
    3D scanning

    within the 3D Scanner we used 3D sense scanner to scan ourserves in time i was making this assignment report i lost same of my screenshot within scanning process so i decide to make another scanning process but i didn't print it because i had already printed the first one so the printed image is deferent from the scanning process snapshot images here there is the process i used in 3D scanning.

    configuring Sense software
    after downloading and installing the sense software open its and wait for booting choose the language you prefer connect your scanner to your computer and wait abit to be detected activate you scanner by cliking on I have an activation code if you do not have activation code click on Get activation Code From Cubify.com enter your activation key and click on activate watch some tutorials at the beginning on how the software used of you want if you do not want you may skip it no problem have look on same useful mouse and keyboard commands

    here we go

    choose what you want to scan on my self i choose human choose head or full body depend on what you want Start scanning by clicking on start edit same missing part or remove the unwanted part in your file you can make some few advanced editing like colorinng,trim and touch up you can share your scanned file directly or save to your computer for future use save the file import the file in cura for 3D priniting start printing i got some support on my chin final 3D printed body
    3D printing limitations
    all filament or filament combinition can not be using in any print like ultimaker 2+ we have in our lab check on material compatibility the lastest of ultimaker 3 extended can that print large volume print only 215*215*300mm while the ultimaker 2+ we have can print only 223*223*205 mm, check on 3D printer comparison even Sindow 3D wox have almost the same problem of build volume limitation i said the limitation by comparing between ultimaker 2+ and Sindow 3D wox ultimaker can be interfaced with a computer using ony usb cable or SD card which means that if you do not have one of cable of sd card you can not use ultimaker 2+, while on sindow you can use even wifi to send file and other cool feature i like on sindow is the realtime printing streaming by using a small webcam builded in it which is a cool thing you can know where the process is reach in realtime even if you are in remote connected to the print
    every thing am describing here are some missing for both ultimaker 2+ and Sindow 3D wox on sindow this problem is solved some how because if a printing process you can remove a device either cable or USB memory stick and continue using your memory in other use without any problem but on ultimaker if your are using cable on your computer with ultimaker you have to wait until a printing process is completed which is shamefull in case you using your portable laptop
    3D sense scanner limitation
  • orginal files
  • sense software
  • cura