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1.Corel Draw

I usually only use CorelDraw to vectorise my files before sending them to a laser cutter or just to convert them in DXF or SVG but I know that it is also a powerfull drawing tool, I just never did something else with it.


CorelDRAW Tutorials and download and practice (2d drawing)

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    Welcome screen

    After look over a bunsh of tutorials i decide to make a small wall clock for our fablab Rwanda

Importing FabLab Logo by Drog and Dropconverting jpg image to vectorsTrace countours of fablab log for hairline(cutting) Final Watch with our Country boundary vectors as my clock frame


Inkscape is a free software for creating and editing vector graphics,…similar to applications like Adobe Illustrator, FreeHand, and CorelDraw. Inkscape is multi-platform. inkscape works in Windows, Mac OS and Linux. in inkscape it was my first time to design anything from nothing I have a look on many YouTube video about the inskcape I tried to design an robot eye with some light effect with the help of YouTube tutorial as reference, let have a look on how i did after opening the inkscape i draw a circle with black color fill inside it was default color fill then I changed it into glay (color selection tabs located at the bottom of the workspace)by using gradient tool the founded on top left pads i adjusted the gradient parameter in order to have the image below By right clicking on the circle vector created i duplicate the circle and resize it by reducing its diameter(not defined measurements for this assignment) after duplicating and resizing the circle i changed the back circle to red color fill by duplicating the back circle and inside circle I arranged the in cornier parametric and in right corner I created as square the I will use to create some light effect on my eye after changing and customize everything obtained the basic shape for form of the eye starting working on retina of my robot eye working with the final layout and effect of the light on the eye final result with shadow on bottom
3D design


solidworks boot screen

i like solid work for 3D design and as well as 2D design from 3D by saving the file in Dxf or DWG for and i like the vectors obtained from solidwork but after many days of learning solidwork final i tried to simulate my design but it field but am still trying and i want to import the designed model to fusion in coming days i didn't done it before becouse i want to constrated and be familiar with on one software the after i can migrate to another down here there is a process of designing a drone brushless motor. Start by draw an axis of revolution and start your sketch make sure that your design is full defined before proceed to the next step using Revolve voss/base feuture after revolve air cooling design for extrude cut hole for motor base foundation final motor stator final motor rotor ready for assembling after assembly whole body after assembly

Fusion 360

whole body after assembly honestly this is my first time i work with this fusion without any tutorial as guidance because i had some knowledge on solidworks i have to try it competent fusion 360 most thing works the same but the one thing i found on fusion is that both part design and assembly are done in one window no need to switch to assembly mode the second thing if you click on right click while you are working it pops-up the previous features used the other feature it has is the cloud storage and i can recomend anyone who want to use it directly with cnc mashine because it have a mode of creating mashine toolpaths they are many comparison between solidworks and fusion 360 but now let me talk what i tried to design in fusion after designing my final project in solidworks, ofcourse i was looking like i was out-off time but in short time i was remaining with i designed a small smd components organizer box that can be used in case some one is soldering and no need of putting all components in descret order, i started by creating a rectangle of 60x30 mm after that i extruded(pull) with 15mm if you click on right click, it pops-up them pop menu with the previous features used i created the countous of the gaps where the components should be placed and by using the same feature of extruded instead of pulling outside the i pulled in inside that how extruded cut works in fusion 360 after creating those gaps i added the fillets of 3 mm inside working with fillet

time line of the work in fusion 360

this feature i didn't find it in solidwork where i can access with realtime editing this means you can go back to thw work you made and change some feature or even if there is any eature deleted can be rolled back and edited again without lossing the succesive features with this timeline you can play as simulation of how you start the design until where you are now which is a cool feature. time line in fusion 360 the box i created using fusion 360 and this model can be saved on cloud which offer the easy access on file anywhere you are because you need to sign in into your autdesk account and access your files
package of all stl files of my peoject
fusion 360 box
inkscape software