Project Development

What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?
almost all parts are done expect future improvement like autonomous,...
What has worked?
  • interchanging of flight mode is one od the interesting thing in this VTOL
  • wings are deattachable which make transpoportable of the drone easy
  • Autioleveling in transilation vertical and transilation flight
  • What hasn't worked?

  • the weight i was expecting to have to much than that i was supposing due to the heavy body material and reinforcement
  • now payload might not exceed 500mg
  • due to the test i done am not sure the maximum height and flying time because i get crush and injure at the first day of official test and i need to ship damaged parts from HongKong in order to finilize every thing
  • horizontal flight is still a challenge in automatics motor desactivation, i have to shutdown vertical motors manual otherwiser in automatics mode all motor shutdown

  • What questions need to be resolved?
    I would say that the main question is if this Drone has any application and if it fits some societies's needs. It would be very nice to find a way to replicate and callibirate it in collaboration with some other fablab and communities
    What will happen when?
    It is so diffucult to schedule a timetable of the development, because it's strongly influenced by the the access to some funds or sponsoships. The first deadline is going be the local evaluation in june because later of this date no one will upload any documentation the second Deadline is in augistin, where i have to attend my postpones classroom exam and i have to makesure that evry thing is working fine before entering in the exam
    What have you learned?
    The main knowledge i harvest in the fab academy, beside technical skills, is to get used to fail. " Everybody says they know that failure is unevitable and useful, that you learn from your mistakes, etc. but nobody want to fail. It seems that everybody knows everybody fails but them. To fail is ok if it's not about you, otherwise it becomes something to avoid. I didn't realize it was like that before, I always thought that failure it's not a problem, and that's ok to fail and that you learned by your mistakes" enrico said like i get injure within testing stage and i learn more about safety i generated many ideas on how i can modified my controller and code for future safety to any one that can try to fly it without breifing information. During these months I got used to have to redo things more than once to get to a decent result and sometimes to have to admit I wasn't able to go over a certain level with the time i had. Now I'm thinking how to share my experience to other in a Club i created called Flying Mashine lab in other to improve the perfamnce of our drone for better commuinity changing.
    Documentation during development
    Make the documentation during the project is a diffucult task: because to document everything is pretty hard task because it development progress you generate many roughly idea to try you try and they fail you generate other and so on so at the time of documenting what you had done most of time you forget what roughly ideas you generated in the progress so that you may share with others but some time the idea seems to be useless and consuming a lot of time in writting which am not confortable in writting every thing instantly i like to understand what am doing and reson why am doing that so i can explain to any one because of most of time i take my time in understanding something before writting anything about that, so it was a hard task of documenting every steps you did in progress .
    Demand- vs supply-side time management
    the best way of succesding in demand vs supply side is to outline the most important task need to be done and make a timetable about those tasks and try to avoid to waste a time in something else you didn't plane.
    Spiral development
    this is the most thing thing to care about while you are in development , because I changed the schedule of the development into three main part;
  • body structure building
  • electronics building and testing it on order frame(commecial quadcopter frame)
  • intergrating everything together and test the final result