Invention, Intellectual Property and Icome

Along this week we've talked about invention, intellectual property, and income. Starting from the assumption that I've tried to develope an VTOL drone(vertical Take Off and horizantal flight) by combining fixed wing flight technology and and multirotor flight technology, that's a really difficult project but also a very marketable one, I will start to talk of my personal intention before any license and legal question. Personally, I loved these FabAcademy's months of hard and high motivated work. I face alot of difficulties like serious injure in testing and many more, but in the end I was really satisfied by my results. In few words, I will really like to see more about of my final project developement, made by me or maybe from anyone else. But for sure, I will not like the fact that someone will close my project in a commercial one or in any illugal use and no one will be able to continue it, or understand how it works. So what I want is to keep pesticide spraying VTOL as an open hardware and software platform so to became a reference point for who wants to freely start the developement of a fabbable & open smart flying mashine. Also, I trust the power of the community , which, as one of one million existing examples, was fundamental during the FabAcademy. let see the different types of intellectual property




Industrial designs

Geographical indications

i like the idea of the project spreading as much as possible and giving credit to orginal creator would be much appreciable, from that i analyzed different licenses for hardware and for software part
types of licences and grant of rights

Exclusive Licence

Sole Licence

Non-Exclusive Licence

Limitations on the Scope of Grant

  • Field of Use Restrictions
  • Territorial limitations
  • Accordingly to these considerations, I want to use MIT_License with this license any one is allowed to modify, distribute,sublicense,private use and commercial use with few limitation to anyone who want to duplicate the project the he/she You must include the copyright notice in all copies or substantial uses of the work. and must include the license notice in all copies or substantial uses of the work. any future modification done on with reference to this project must open to cummunity that why i choose that anything done with this project as refence must be linced under GNU General Public License so that anyone have a freedom to use , modify and distribut any thing related to this project