Principles and Practices & Project Management
  1. Build a personal site describing you and your final project.
  2. Plan and sketch a potential semester project and add it to your website
  3. Upload it to the class archive. Work through a git tutorial.

    Personal site

    my webpage real view


I have then started coding my first Webpage, i tried before by using web Template but after i made a desicion of building my own so that i can be familiar with HTML5 and CSS for better knownledge harverting . I had never made a website, so I started from scratch, I looked some tutorials on the web, quickly understood that I would have to write html pages.

html code


After writing html based page you might need to change the outlook of the page is better to use CSS code in layout setup and modificatons.

CSS code


So I found that the most convinient way of working, was to have you editor on one screen, and your browser on the other screen, so i connect a second screen on my laptop in order to have live preview, like this:

live preview on second screen


I am going to design a vtol drone that will act as pesticide spraying Drone

now i started to look for the process to be used in My drone.
Choosing Version Control Protocol
there are serval web version controll protocol available that help the use to keep his/her web syncholized within these serval web version control protol like Codeville was a distributed revision control system. It was written by Ross Cohen using Python, with some design work done by his brother Bram Cohen. It uses an innovative merging algorithm called the "Codeville merge". A new merge algorithm called "Precise Codeville" or "pcvd" merge was under development. The project has now been abandoned. Codeville was self hosted and also used by BitTorrent, Inc and Mosuki. Darcs is a free and open source, cross-platform version control system, like git with a very different approach: focus on changes rather than snapshots. Darcs offers a free way of working, and a simpler user interface. Darcs does not require a central server, and works perfectly in offline mode GIT is a version control system (VCS) for tracking changes in computer files and coordinating work on those files among multiple people. It is primarily used for source code management in software development,[8] but it can be used to keep track of changes in any set of files.
and more clik here to see more


Git is a software that is used for Version Control. It is free and open source. Now, let’s understand what is Version Control.Version Control is the management of changes to documents, computer programs, large websites and other collection of information. There are two types of VCS:
  • Centralized Version Control System (CVCS)
  • Distributed Version Control System (DVCS
  • Git allows a team of people to work together, all using the same files. And it helps the team cope with the confusion that tends to happen when multiple people are editing the same files. more Question and answer about GIT
    Install and configure Git
    download git and install it in your computer

    This was the most hard part i faced in my first assignment i spend more than three day looking on how i can push but finaly with my remotely instructor he adviced me to refer to thistutorials

    git status
    configuring Git
    after installing git Open a terminal/console and and setup your git , for me i used these commands:

    git config --global "rulindanalambert"

    git config --global "" 
    , then it time for cloning the repository of your FabLab (fablabrwanda in my case) to a local repository
    First of all i have to clone my fablablab repository typing

    git clone

    a new repository is created in document so after that i replace all files i founded in folder have the name which is the same as the my student id( if you do not know your id check your mail your received after inscription on fabacdemy you will found you students id or visit fabacademy website check your academic year and browser in student then look your id) in FabAcdemy so after that i have to push every every thing online to do this i have to create SSH key
    Generating an SSH key pair on Windows 8/8.1/10
    Install git for Windows - you can leave the default settings and just click "Next" all the time. Run the Git Bash app, which can be found in your Start menu. A blank terminal should open with a blinking cursor after the $ symbol. Run the command:

    ssh-keygen -t rsa

    It will ask for location and pass phrase. Accept the default location (usually C:\Documents and Settings\username\.ssh\ or C:\Users\username\.ssh) by pressing Enter. The program will generate your key pair and will output a few information like:

    Your identification has been saved in /c/Users/lambert/.ssh/id_rsa.
    Your public key has been saved in /c/Users/lambert/.ssh/
    The key fingerprint is:
    SHA256:HivFdHYxN2+Jj/H/vXaeb5NEEDor66AxYlmbYB6dnfA lambert@DESKTOP-JGQID96
    The key's randomart image is:
    +---[RSA 2048]----+
    |            o.+  |
    |            .=.o.|
    |     .  . oo.o..o|
    |    . =o.o .o =o |
    |   + + ES. . ..o |
    |  o = oo oo    ..|
    |   = =..o.    . o|
    |  . . +.o      +*|
    |     .   .    .=X|

    Note down the path of the public key (in my case it was /c/Users/lambert/.ssh/ and type

    cat /c/Users/lambert/.ssh/ > /dev/clipboard

    to copy your SSH key now sing in your GitLab and past your SSH key
    For publishing my web I used the following commands
  • git init

    to initialize git synchnorization
  • git add students/437/

    i used 437 because it my student id
  • git commit -m"uploading_my_first_web_online"

    after -m type a reason you are going to push
  • git pull

    each time you have to pull before you push in order to download what other in your lab push before you push
  • git push

    your website is now online