[WEEK18] Invention, Intellectual Property, and Income

Final project


About Final Project
About educational kit based on the final project



I chose the license above for the following reasons.
  1. I want many people to make this product freely, because I want to know if this product is really useful. So, I wanted to release it with MIT license or creative commons license.
  2. If someone modified original design, I want to know how he or she did it. That's why I decided to publish with CC BY SA license instead of MIT license.
  3. But, when I make educational kit based on this product in the future, I want to earn money from it. So I will be in trouble if someone make the same thing and sell it. That's why it is going to be released with CC BY NC license.

3.Making and Selling


  1. When doing a workshop, if there are not many participants, it will not make a profit.
  2. When selling parts, it may be difficult to respond to inquiries from purchasers that they do not know how to make them.
  3. Kits that can make XY plotters have precedence products.