[WEEK17] applications and implications

What will it do?

A system that can easily pick up parts and manage inventory

Who's done what beforehand?

Various logistics companies developes robot that picks up some products and system that manages inventory.

For example
Magazino / torucube

I will use core XY mechanism in this project. Many people have made various machines using this technology.

For example
Waterjet Aluminum Revision 1

What materials and components will be required?
Where will they come from?
How much will it cost?

Parts list-core XY-
Part name Quantity Cost Retailer
aluminium frame 200×200x400mm 4 427 yen MONOTARO
stainless shaft Ø8 2 1321 yen MONOTARO
stainless rod Ø10 2 1490 yen MONOTARO
linear bush Ø8 4 244 yen MONOTARO
linear bush Ø10 4 251 yen MONOTARO
stepper motor SM-42BYG011 2 1380 yen
servo 1
screw Ø5 36
flat nutØ5 36
bolt Ø8 8
nut Ø8 16
oilless flange bush Ø8 16 30 yen MONOTARO
timing belt W6mm 5m 1500 yen AMAZON
GT2 pully,numer of teeth 20 2 AMAZON

Parts list-input/output device-
Part name Quantity Cost Retailer
photo reflector TPR105F 1 40 yen Akizuki Denshi
motor driver 2

What parts and systems will be made?

What processes will be used?

core XY
Drawers (optional)

What tasks need to be completed?

CSV file

What questions need to be answered?

What is the schedule?

How will it be evaluated?