[WEEK10] Output device

0. Overview

I made a 2 circuit boards. The one is to contorol 2 stepper motors and the other is to control servo. The former was succeeded ,but the latter wasn't.

1. Making circuit board for 2 bipolar stepper motors

I tried to make 2 boards 'micro contoroller board' and 'motordriver board' . The reason I made them separately is because I thought that it is easy to fix the bugs. In addition when making controller board separately, it can be used for other purposes.

1.1Micro Controller Board

I selected ATmega328P-AU for the controller board. When disigning schematic data, I referred to Fabduino.(External clock was 8MHz)

I made schematic data and board layout data with EAGLE.

I created cut data with fabmodules. Since the interval between the pins of ATmega328P-AU is very narrow, I set the cutting conditions finely.

Soldering all parts

After that, I set the development environment.
Add the following URL in the preference window. https://mcudude.github.io/MiniCore/package_MCUdude_MiniCore_index.json

Serch and install 'MiniCore' in the board manager.

Set as follow,and burn bootloader

1.2 Motor Driver Board

Circuits for motor drive were created in the same way. I selected TA7774FG as a motor driver. A jack for power supply was attached so that power could be supplied from the AC adapter.

!!Additional comment after feedback!!

I used TA7774FG instead of Fabinventory because...

Finlly,soldering all parts

I wrote program as follow.

After connecting each pins I run progra. 2 stepperm motors moves as programmed.It was suceeded.So I replaced this new boards with a Arduino UNO & breadboad system.


(include SCH & BRD file) :
Download the file
(include PNG file & RML file):
Download the file
(include SCH & BRD file):
Download the file
(include PNG file & RML file):
Download the file
Download the file

Making circuit board for Servo

I designed circuit board to move servo reffering to the sample circuit. I added some pins on it to use in many ways.

Since there was no data of pins that I had, I created a new library.

Create cut data with fab modules. There were some thin passes in this data, I reduced the number of offsets for the test.
The results when the number of offsets was set to 2 and 3 are as follows.(I usually set 3 or 4)

Even 3 times did not have any problem. So I adopted it.

Finally, I soldered all parts.


servoBoard eagle project file.zip
(include servoBoard.sch & servoBoard.brd ):
Download the file
Download the file
Download the file
Download the file
Download the file

2. Programming

At first, I burned bootloader on ATtyny44.

And then,I programmed a simple sketch to check the operation.


But a servo didn't move. Boot loader burning and sketch writing seemed to be successful.

I changed the power supply from the battery to the stabilized power supply, but it did not move.


Download the file

3. What I checked

Eventually I could not solve the problem. what I confirmed is described below for bug fixes.