[WEEK03] Computer-controlled Cutting

1. Group assignment

1.1 Change settings

We tried to use lazercutter with various settings. I took charge of a frequency test. So I cut the simple model, changing a frequency from 1000 to 16000.
Material Cardboard
Thickness 3mm
Lazercutter trotec speedy 100 40W
Power 80
Speed 10
Pass 4 times
Frequency 1000-16000Hz

It seemed that the lower frequency was prefered. I did not expect this.

1.2 Make dimension slot

The cardboads we had were 3mm thick. So I set it as the reference size,and modelled the sketch that the slot dimension was parametrically variable by 0.1mm with Fusion 360.

I set the variables as following pictures to change the size of slot.

I mede chamfered each corner.

I saved it as dxf file and imported to the illustrator to cut with the lazercuter.

I set the parameters as follow.

Power 80
Speed 10
Pass 4 times
Frequency 1000Hz

I tried to fit each slots and confirmed that the optimum value of slot dimension was 2.7mm.


Dimension slot (.f3d): Download the file
Dimension slot (.ai): Download the file

2. Indivisual assignment

2.1 Press-fit construction kit

I tried to make object with square and hexagon referring to the space packing model in the nature.
The images source was the following picture.This is a drawing of bryozoa(Ernst Haeckel"Kunstformen der Natur"1904)

I modelled three sketches,square,hexagon,and joint parts.

The slot dimension and the side length of each figure change parametrically.

I can make the objects in multiple ways.


Press-fit construction kit (.f3d): Download the file
Press-fit construction kit (.ai): Download the file

2.2 Make a sign on the vinylcutter

Power supply switches of some machines are attatched to the back or side. It is hard to find them. So I made a sign for these hidden switch.
This model was made by illustrator.

For vinylcutter:CE5000-40-CRP

For 3D printer:Makerbot Replicator 2X

For lazercutter:trotec speedy 100


Sign_powersupply (.ai): Download the file