Fab Academy 2017
Learn how to make ALMOST anything!

Project Managemet


To start developing my website as the 1st week task, I went through previous Fab Academy student's websites and started screening the website and how they documented their work. Moreover, I went through the documentation of how they developed their websites. This step was greatly useful!

Don't Reinvent the wheel!

Following the steps, I started by looking into websites templates, the 2 main websites I found interesting are The theme force and booststrap.

After downloading the theme, I started learning about HTML and CSS through "Make a Website" course on codeAcademy. Generally in this course, you'll learn HTML Basics, CSS Styling and CSS spacing and boundaries in quick 3-mns lessons. It has very friendly interface, where it gives you explaination, and instructions to try it yourself on the spot. The course is very useful for beginners. You can find it here.

Example for CSS styling course.


After finishing the course in the first two days of the week, I started implementation and editing the theme to develop my website. I used Sublime as a text editor. It is very nice and easy one that supports coding with different languages, showing the tags with colors to make sure you're coding right.

developing the website on Sublime text editor.


For the background, I used one of our artwork we made in our lab Fab Lab New Cairo saying "We are ALL makers"; I edited it on Gimp to have a clearer one.  

Editing the background on Gimp.

Setting the faded version of the picture as a background, this is how the website looked like.

Although it was a good progress, the website looked messy and loud with the variaty of colors. So, I changed it to the current one.

On the Assignments page, I also used Gimp to resize the logo added for the HTML, CAD and Computer Controlled Cutting.


After finishing the Website locally, I needed to push it to Fab Academy server. I already use SmartGit for the version control.

First of all, you go to your account on Fab Academy GitLab, to find your project (For me, fabacademy2017/fablabegypt) and get the URL of the repository as shown in the pictures.

Accessing your project.

Getting your URL

Your Second step for me, as I am a continuing student, is to clone the repository in SmartGit. But If you are a new student, you should get your private and public SSH. This is the key by which SmartGit establishs a secure connection between your computer and GitLab.

Cloning your repository.

The next step is moving your stuff to your folder in the repository after it's cloned. After you finishing the cloning, Click command "Pull" to get the exisiting version of the files upthere. Add your files to your folder so that when you open SmartGit, you'll find your files as a changed status of your repo.

Finding Changes.

The Final step is to stage, commit and then Push.

And Here we Go! :)