Fab Academy 2017
Learn how to make ALMOST anything!

Project Development

For this week, it was required to document our progress in the final project, mentioning:

1. what tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

The week before, I mentioned that I will first finish the design and then go for the electronic circuits. What I discovered while working is I need to go backward. I need to finish the circuits first; implement them and test them and then finalizing the design.

So, so far, I finished the test of the circuitry on breadboards and the codes, finished the circuit design and their implementation. What's needed to be done is bringing everything together and test it; and Do the casing design and implementating it.


2. what has worked? what hasn't?

When I first had the idea of the project, I thought it would be a simple project :D Yet, it wasn't. The concept of the circuits and the testing through Arduino and breadboard was pretty easy, but moving that to AVR and tiny PCBs was a real challenge, because you face the limitations of ATTiny memory and pins and programming issues, especially for someone who never programmed AVR before. It was a challenge, but I enjoyed it and there is a lot more to learn.

As for the case design and pieces design, that was pretty easy and I enjoyes it very much.


3. what questions need to be resolved?

The main complex part is the coding and the networking part. The master code is not very stable and the slave code is too big for the AVR.


4. what will happen when?

Now I am working on solving the code issues and update the documentation, the presentation slide and the video.


5. what have you learned?

Fab Academy overall and this project was a huge learning experience for me. I learned several things on the personal side and on the technical side. Here is a sample list of what I learned:



a. How to develop my own REAL website, not through just a template, but using CSS and HTML.

b. How to deal with version control and repositories.

c. Empahsized by CAD skills, 2D and 3D using new softwares.

d. I was intimated by SMD Electronics and PCB design but now, it's one of the most enjoyable things for me.

e. I was introduced to AVR and its programming.

f. I was introduced to 3D Milling using CNC and the molding and casting process.

g. I was introduced to Composites.

h. I was introduced to Networking in a better way! :D I used to hate it -still do a bit- but now it's much easier as it was put in pratice.

i. System Integration is an essential and crucial step in success yet it's always forgotten thing.



a. Documentation has been always something important to me, I learned How to develop a neat clear documentation - as much as I could-.

b. How to manage time. Time management is a MAIN thing in Fab Academy overall, not just the project. To learn, develop, try and make things work out and document all in one week was pretty big challenge.

c. Emphasized Communication and teamwork; and not just nationally but also with the international group we were working with along with our mentor.

d. Having a mentor is something essential and it's a life changing thing, and whenever I am put in that position in life, I need to put that in mind.

e. Self learning.. Self learning.. Self learning.

f. There is never failure but lessons learned.


It was exhauting but truly fun! :)