Fab Academy 2017
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Invention, Intellectual Property and Business Models


For this week, it was required to thinl about a plan for dissiminating the final project.

I took me a while to think about that. I made some research about what Intellectual property to understand it more. It was a bit of a challenge as lot of my friends who have kids, asked me to transform that into a business, so it actually required a closed source license. Yet, in same time, I wanted to share that with the community.


So, What I came up with is the following:

1. I would make the first working prototype as an open source model which people can work on and customize as they want. So, may be addign the project to something like Thingiverse and upload the source codes on Github.

2. Develop it and when transforming it into a real product, it would be a closed environment project.


Presendation and Video:

You can check the Presentation in Here and the Video in Here.