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Computer Aided Design


For this week's assignment, it's required to model in every possible way a final project.

My Project is simple and consists of 2D and 3D Design and electronics fabrication and programming.And for this week, I'll try to model and implement a holistic view for it. I've been using CorelDraw and inkscape for 3 years, and There will be my start.

The puzzle design is divided into 4 main parts:

  • The main frame: This is the frame where the pieces will fit.
  • The animal part: This is the main educational element.
  • The animal base: This part is the square base where the the anaimal is gonna rest to form the puzzle piece.
  • The base box: This is the transparetn box where the electronics will be put.

As a first step, I've put a sketch and drafting the design of the puzzle. For this, I used CorelDraw as in the below picture.

For the second step, I downloaded several pictures for animals, like bear, rabbit, lizard.. etc. Then I imported the pictures to corel draw to edit and add them to the puzzle. Editing the picture by 1st importing the picture, select, "Trace Bitmap" and then getting the final outline you need.

1. Importing the Picture

2. Select and Quick Trace

3. Editing the Outlines

Combining all of these together, we have that view of the puzzle and the names of the animals.

4. Coming Together

For the 3D part, I used solidworks for modeling the 3D of the three first parts. For the base part, I strated drawing it on a 2D Sketch, like in the picture below.

Base 2D Sketch on Solidworks

After completing the design and extruding it; that how it looked like.

Base 3D Sketch

For the part base, It was a simple rectangle drawn and extruded on solidworks using the same technique.

Part base 3D Sketch

For the monkey (as an example for the animal), it was easier for me to design in on corel draw, export it as a DXF file and then extrud it on Solidworks. Here the steps with pictures.

1. Exporting DXF to Solidworkds

2. Exported Monkey

3. Extruding the Monkey

4. Extruded Monkey

The next Step is to assemble all parts together. In the next pictures, I'll showing the assembly of the monkey and its base using solidworks.

Assembling and mating the monkey and the base.

The Final assembly.

And Here we Go! :)

Files to Download:

The puzzle DXF file from here.

The Monkey DXF file from here.

The Monkey solidworks file from here.

The base solidworks file from here.

The part base solidworks file from here.