In FabLab CEPT, we do not have a documentation setup for the projects with any camera rig. So one team has made an automated DSLR rig to take videos / time lapse of their projects.


We have seen projects like Edelkrone / Cinetics for inspiration of the project.

basic Sketch

mechanism / diagram

This is the basic sketch from the team to figure out how to use the motions to achieve what we want to perform with the machine.


We saw Nadya Peek's MTM module and planned to make our design accordingly to that but a bit simpler version for us.

trial prototype

We initially did a prototype manually using market bought metal parts to check the functionality and smoothness of the bearings.

After this, we made drawings of all the parts In Rhino and CNC cut them.

fabrication and assembly

After this we bought two NEMA 17 stepper motors and used RAMPS, Arduino and  Repitier to control the rig.

electronics handling

01 : Ramps Board with A4988 Installed

02 : Connecting servo to one A4988

02a : Orange to Red color Code and arrangement

03: Connecting the Stepper Motor to RAMPS board

04: Connecting RAMPS onto an Arduino Mega

05: Connecting Arduino Mega and Power

06: Putting another Stepper

08:Connecting Power to board

09: Total Assembly


09: Total Assembly


Coding and programming

The mechanism, drawing and CNC production was handled by Avishek and Ashish while Gautam and Dhruv has contributed towards the electronics part of the project.

This is the basic repetier firmware that is to be uploaded onto the MEGA.

Gautam has done some changes in the X Length and Y length to make the device work properly.

Connected in Repetier.

bare prototype

rigged with dslr