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Week 1: Build your own website, host it on GIT and sketch your final Project!

Wow... Lot to do in the first week of the academy...

Ok, so lets start. I´ve done some website-programing some years ago, but this was with HTML4, no css, very oldschool.
For my first week assignment i wanted something newer, bigger, better.
So here we are at "Bootstrap 3".
Bootstrap is developed at Twitter. They had a lot of different units programing their own tools and websites. To safe a lot of time - and money - they developed a CSS-Framework, powered with some Javascript for everyone at Twitter.
After some time the framework was made opensource and now it is one of the popular projects on github.
If you know about HTML5, CSS and Javascript it is very easy to build your own website. There are a lot of tutorials out there for Bootstrap and the documentation from the guys at Twitter is excelent. You can find the hole thing at www.GetBootstrap.com.

The second task this week is to host the site Git. For the FabAcademy there is a repository on GitLab, every student got his own. What to say about Git...
If you don´t know this then start google some tutorials. It is quite imposible to learn GIT on learning by doing, and i don´t want to write the next tutorial with more than a million tutorials out there ;)

On the other hand: Git is mostly used as a repisotory for software development. It´s a nice tool, because you can view back on every single "commit" (upload) you have ever done in your project. Git is also multi-user-compatible, a feature that is also used in the FabAcademy.
For example two colleagues of mine has also her websites hostet in the same git-rep.
Due to this, i have to do a "git pull" every time before i commit something. The reason is, that Git synchronizes your folder. And if it is not in sync, you can not commit anything.
Usefull if a bunch of people works in the same file...

We doesn´t use git for software development, but for website-hosting. The trick is, that you commit some html-files and open these files directly in your browser.
This way you get some free webspace for your site and have the cool "roll-back-backup" function.
The snag on this: you just get pure HTML with a little bit of JS. No PHP, no MySQL, no AJAX...

I am not the hardcore-terminal-hacker like other people are. I like GUI-Programs with a simple interface.
So i use "ATOM". Atom is a easy, lightweight text-editor that has the feature to include open-source-written packages to have more features. One of this packages is "Git Plus". Very cool thing...
You edit your files, click on packages, git plus, add all - commit - push, end everything is done!
The only thing you have to do by hand (if your not allone on your rep) is "git pull" in a terminal. Ok, thats not to much hardcore-terminal-hacking ;)

Third task: sketch your final Project...

At the moment the idea is to build some new kind of POV-Display.
You can find more about this in the "final project"-Section of the site...

Hey, two more hours till the next lecture. Don´t know why i made myself hurry up ;)

In the weeks after i wrote this docu, the proposal of my final project had some evaluation ;)
You can find it all in the "Final Project" menu -> first ideas
or just click here!