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Lets summ the PastEtruder up...
Starting with the poster from presentation:

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Tell a little bit more about it:
The PastEtruder is an extruder for heated or non-heated pasty materials, for example chocolate, marzipan, clay, ceramics...
It consists of two extruder stages: a heated syringe that is pressed down by a dc-motor. So you don´t need compressed air and the material flow is more constant.

The material is feeded via a small hose into a second extruder. This ones extrudes with a trapeziodal screw, driven by a stepper-motor. The second extruder is heated too.
By using a screw-extruder you can define the material-flow very exact. Furthermore the material-flow is zero as soon as the stepper-motor stops.

Both extruders are controlled by a on-board-controller, that cares over both heaters and both motors. You can setup everything by four buttons and a 16x2 display.
While the system runs you can monitor the temperatures and the motor-current on the display.

Inside the controller runs an open-source software that can be addept completely to your demands.

The whole project is published unter the creative-commons license:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License by Tobias Poppe

At last i want to show you a short promotional video, created for the presentation of the project:

I hope you like the PastEtruder, take a look in the assigments-section for other cool projects like the Fab-Pic or the Poor-Mans-Mill

Some words to the FabAcademy: it was a great time, with great people!
At the beginning i didn´t thougt i would learn that much about so many absolutely different topics.
If you have the chance to opportunity to participate, take this chance!!!

Some people i would like to say thank you for a lot of support over the time:
  • Ferdi from FabLab Barcelona
  • Adriana, Karsten, Jonathan, Thomas and Daniele from FabLab Kamp-Lintfort
  • Michael, Marcel, Frederik and Robert from the HRW FabLab
  • and Alena Bisanz :)

  • Have fun,
    best wishes,