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My final project - a POV-Display

My new final project - a paste-extruder


You can find the description of my first idea at the bottom of the page

The new idea is to build a new kind of paste-extruder for printing in materials like chocolate or marzipan, or even ceramics.
In the web you can find some kinds of this extruders, but none that is realy food-save.

My extruder will be build out of stainless-steel, heated and uses two kind of motors...
Maybe... ;)

Here is a first sketch of the extruder:

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And here is the description of the first idea, the POV Display:
The current idea for my final project is to build a new kind of POV-Display.
POV stands for "Persistence of View" and the Display it self is a physical trick on our eyes. A small Display-stripe rotates so fast, that the eye can´t track the single stripe. Because of this slowness a halftransparent image appears in the air.
Current DIY-POV-Displays uses often RGB-LEDs on the stripe. Not bad, but theres a lot of solder-work and just a very low resolution of the display.
My idea is to use some OLED-Displays instead of the single LEDs to push the resolution higher.
The calculation power of an Arduino will not be enough to fire the data onto the OLEDS, and so i will use a Raspberry-Pi or a BeagleBoneBlack for this task.
Another problem is to get enough current into a spinning globe. Commercial products uses slip rings, but these are expensive. So i will try using some Brushless-DC-Motor and 3-phase-rectifier for generating current out of the spinning itself.

Here is a first sketch of the POV-Globe:

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UPDATE: In the assignment-section >> week 2 i explain some more details.
There are also some 3D-Sketches...
Direct Link: Week 2: Model your final project

As soon as i´ve got something new i will post it here.
For questions or help feel free to contact me ;)