Principles and practices & Project management

My project Idea

I want make two pulse counter Bracelets. The two bracelets will be connected wirelessly. I will use the spiral development method. One can wear one bracelet and give the other bracelet to their loved ones so they check each others pulses.

In my first version it will not be a two bracelets. Firstly, I will make a device that you can use to check your heart rate. Just an input and an output device. Then, I will make another heart rate monitor and I will connect the two devices together wirelessly. Till now I'm not sure what kind of wireless connection I will have between the two devices.

After that, I will make the two bracelets. This is how I imagine my final project will look like.


I changed the project idea to SMART FARM you can read about it in my final project page.

Inroduction to Git and Web Development

This is my first time dealing with a version control system (VCS). With the help of Francisco Sanchez from The beach Lab, our guru, we downloaded Manjaro Linux in our computers and he gave a us a mini pre-fabacademy program and he introduced us to the VCS through GitHub.

For the pre-fabacademy we were using GitHub. We tried cloning using https and then with ssh. One of the problems I faced with ssh is that I have to add my identity everytime I restart my computer. I will have to solve this problem later.

I think that git is very good tool to work on collaborative projects, but I find that it has unnecessary complications. I'm sure there is a simpler way to make the same task.

I started getting familiar with git, but I think I will not use it for projects that are not for the Fab Lab. Maybe I will change my mind when I finish Fab Academy.

My Website

I haven't finished my page yet, as I will be improving it during the comming days. For writing code in html for my webpage, I will use Atom. It is a free opensource text editor for web designs. I'm using MarkDown for blogging in my page because it is easy and simple.

I prepared empty pages for the all the assignment weeks and they are in *.md format. To convert the pages to *.html I made this shell script and I run it in the terminal with this line sh, and also to add this styling to the pages.

To do this step I needed to learn about pandoc document converter and command line and I learned this from this website. And my guru Francisco taught me how make shell script to make the converting process faster.

Working with Git

SSH Keys and setting up

First of all, you have to add the the SSH keys so I generated the SSH key following the step in this link.

After that, when the key pair is generated. I went to .ssh and copied the public key content and paste it in Profile Settings/SSH keys.

Cloning the repository

To clone the repository firstly I needed to make an account in and after that log in using that acount. Then in the folder I want to clone the repository in, I opened the terminal and typed Now I have the repository cloned in my laptop

and I added my identity using the following code:

eval "$(ssh-agent -s)"
ssh-add ~/.ssh/my_identity

The problem is that I have to add my identity everytime I close my computer and I'm working on solving this problem.

Git Workflow

First of all we always need to pull first:

git pull

On my computer I have the working copy. And I write this code to add the changes I made to the staging index:

git add --all

Then we add to the Local repository:

git commit -m "message"

Finally we push:

git push