Hello Fab Academy!

About me

Hello, my name is Ahmed Abobaker. I’m a mechanical engineer graduated in 2015 from UAE University, in Al Ain city, 130 km south of Dubai.

After my gruadation in June, 2016. I went to the USA looking for a job. While I was there, I was told that there is a FabLab in the UAE, Dubai and they are looking for engineers. Before hearing about FabLab UAE I knew nothing about FabLabs. So looked up for FabLabs in the internet, and I found out that there is a FabLab in my town. It is The Gregory School FabLab in Tucson, Arizona. I contacted Dennis Conner the lab manager, and he gave me a tour in the Lab and I liked it a lot.

I came back to the UAE in February, 2016 and I started woking in FabLab UAE and now I’m taking Fab Academy with my fellow FabLab UAE engieers.

Assignments list