Hashim Al Sakkaf

I am an electrical engineering by profession, maker and open source enthusiastic by passion! I work at FabLab UAE, which is the first educational FabLab in UAE. My goal from joining fabacademy is to learn as much as I can, specially open source software.


My name is Hashim Nabil Al Sakkaf, I am 27 years old electrical engineering graduate from Abu Dhabi University and I work at FabLab UAE where I take Fabacademy. My goal from taking fabacademy is to increase my knowledge and improve my skills as I want to try as many new things as I can.

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FabLab UAE

FabLab UAE is an open access open resources FabLab that is based on Dubai, UAE. It is the first educational fablab in UAE and provide free digital fabrication resources for all segments of UAE community.

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Final Project

anyAxes is a modular mechatronics joints that can be attached to each other to form different form of multimple axes machines such as CNCs or robotic arms.

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