Until 5 April 2017

Output Devices
KURIARRAY Flexible PCB on Textile.


- 'Kuriarray Board' Design
- Making LEDs
- Stitching to Connect - Programming 'Kuriarray'
- 10th The Fab Academy meeting

Board Design

- Sewable surface mount LEDs.
- Light up your life with LEDs, sewable circuitry.

First, I used LED array Board and charlieplexing as a reference. A charlieplexing is a technique for multiplexed LED display with few I/O pins on a microcontroller. This method uses the microcontrollers tri-state logic capabilities and gain more efficiency than traditional multiplexing. more about Charlieplexing.

I made two type of LEDs: modular and linear, both are made to be sewn. I included holes on 'Kuriarray Board' so it could be connected by conductive thread. This week I've tried to play with shapes and layout of PCB on textile. Ultimately, I just wanted to have FUN. Instead of eagle, I used Adobe Illustrator, because I had more freedom to draw.

Kuriarray Board: Trace, Holes, Outline.

Making LEDs

Modular LEDs: Trace, Holes, Outline.

Soldering one at a time. I will add resisters on the main board.

Linear LEDs: Trace, Holes, Outline.

Side notes:

- I had to modify tool diameter at the fab modules.

- Outline didn't match with the trace.

- On the left, I made error on fab module. I didn't realize I needed to invert the colors. It ended up cutting the outer edge of the holes and destroy my LED. On the right, the copper plate shifted during mill. Also, destroyed my LEDs.

- Outlines came out too thin.

Stitching to Connect.

Stitching one at a time.

Finished! Front & Back! (At the back, white regular thread was used to prevent shorts.)

I used arduino IDE to program the board(Download code).

It gave me funny result. I guess because of the coductive threads it is resulting in randam connection.

10th Meeting:
output devices March 29, 2017 10pm~1am(Seoul)


o- Demonstrate workflows used in circuit board design and fabrication
o- Described your design and fabrication process of your OWN DESIGNED BOARD
o- Cut/solder/programm one of the examples to understand how it works and modify one or make a completely new one.
o- Described your problems and how you fixed include your design files and photos