OpenGrow is about to make a modular bioreactor, following the diy-open-source philosophy and keeping a low-price (a normal commercial one, can cost up to 4000 euros).

Final Project


Principles and practices, project management [1]

Computer-aided design [2]

Computer-controlled cutting [3]

Electronics production [4]

3D scanning and printing [5]

Electronics design [6]

Computer-Controlled Machining [7]

Embedded programming [8]

Mechanical design [9]

Output Device [10]

Mechanical design Part 2[11]

Modeling and Casting [12]

Input Device [13]

Composite [14]

Embedded Networking and Communications [15]

Interface and Application Programming [16]

Applications and Implications [17]

Invention, Intellectual Property and Business Models [18]

Project development [19]

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