Corey M. Rice : Fab Academy 2017

Who is this person?

Corey Rice is a high school science teacher in Mayfield, Ohio, USA. He studied education at Bowling Green State University and the American College of Education. After a typical school day, Corey can commonly be found coaching his Science Olympiad team, whom he edearingly calls his 'nerd herd.' When he is not teaching, he can be found at home hanging out with his dog, Kona. Named after a Hawaiian coffee town. In the summers (when school is out of session) Corey is usually working on some sort of home renovation or camping and hiking. Mountaineering is an infrequent, but much loved pastime. Most importantly, his go-to kareoke song is Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire.

His girlfriend helped write this lovely Bio and she's an improv comedian, who also practices medicine.